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The 2023 Hove Trotters Passport is now available.

Collect stickers to claim your certificate at any Hove Trail venue and enjoy a goodie bag & FREE hot chocolate at the Book Nook

The 2023 Hove Arts Hove Trotters Passport is now available to download. Enjoy the Hove Trail Open Houses with children.

Download and Print out, then the children can collect a sticker for each venue you visit by answering some questions about the art at the venue. Once you have at least 9 stickers hand in your passport to claim your certificate which entitles you to a Goodie Bag and free Hot choc at the Book Nook

Don't forget to enter our drawing competition to win an exciting bundle of books from the Book Nook!

Draw a picture of yourself wearing a crown to celebrate the King's Coronation and ask an adult to post it

on Twitter or instagram and tag us on @hove_arts and #hovetrotters

We would like to thank the Multi-award winning Independent Children's Bookshop - The Book Nook for sponsoring the Hove Trotters Passport.

The Book Nook is a specialist independent children’s bookshop with a breadth of knowledge regarding children's books. They stock a diverse range of inspirational, inclusive and quality children's books for all ages which we sell to schools and families across the world. With a child-friendly café, regular story times, amazing author events and a pirate ship to play in, they are the perfect place to visit.


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