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1 Weekend only - 5 at No. 1 Rigden Road

Five at No 1 Rigden Road will be open from the 16th - 19th May 2024 - opening times 11.00 - 18.00

The house is a part of Hove Arts trail, in the yearly Brighton & Hove Open Houses

Kate Scott, contemporary painter opens her home and studio for four days to exhibit with three unique and established artists whose work is intimate, honest, thoughtful, and elegant, contrasting gently with her own layered and expressive paintings.

The curation aims to create a rich, but calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Emma Stanton the very collectable sustainable jeweller, based in Hove.

Jane Sarre ceramic sculptor and curator from Hastings, creates powerful modernist pieces.

Amanda Sumpter, a fantastic minimalist stone carver and painter from Fletching, Sussex.

Amanda Sumpter will be doing some carving here over the weekend, Jane Sarre is also planning to do a workshop called 'Looking with words' on the Sunday, and there are plans for an artist’s talk during the weekend too.

How to find Five at No 1 Rigden Road

The garden will also be open, and there will be refreshments, the house is a short walk from Hove Station and the 7dials and there is FREE parking on Rigden Road at the weekend and most of the time on weekdays.

VENUE Number 1

1 Rigden Road





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