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Goodbye Collectors Selection;Hello Hove Plinth Collection

Collectors Selection open house, part of Hove Arts trail for ten years, has decided to call it a day. But the good news is that work by artists who were part of this open house will continue to be available from a new webshop, the Hove Plinth Collection. The webshop supports the fund-raising for Hove Plinth, which is now well established as a new landmark on the Hove seafront .

Hove Plinth Collection

It's Hove's very own 'Fourth Plinth' and will showcase a changing series of sculptures over time. It's a community project which is entirely voluntary funded and now raising funds for the next sculpture the amazing Flight of the Langoustine by Pierre Diamantopoulo. The webshop offers an exciting selection of sculpture, ceramics, paintings, automata and fashion and all profits go to the Hove Plinth project.


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