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Inauguration of The Adelaide Salon

Hove Arts artist Paulina Anzorge is thrilled to invite you to the inauguration of The Adelaide Salon!

27th June - Talk by Judy Stevens & Chris Lord

29th of June - Launch of The Adelaide Salon

After the incredible success of our VISION exhibition and a series of inspiring talks by visionary ‘movers and shakers,’ we’re excited to combine multidisciplinary creative practices with visual exhibitions, talks, and performances. Join us for a unique multisensory experience every month, where you can connect, share, and grow together. Be a part of this future vision—you won’t want to miss it!

The Adelaide Salon Presents:

Talk: Judy Stevens & Chris Lord

Art: Alan Patch, Ellie Davies, Paulina Anzorge

Performance Art: Aisling Zambon

Booking is free but required email:


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