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Sarah Bagg at Colonnade House

Hove Arts own Sarah Bagg from Trail House No.20 - Life Love and Me - will be showing at Colonnade House, Worthing, along with the work of three exciting local artists.

Tuesday 25th June - Sunday 30th June 2024 10am - 5pm

Private View Thursday 27th June 6-9pm (RSVP to

At the end of June, Colonnade House, Worthing, will host the work of three exciting local artists. In

gallery one Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca (Linescapes) and Sarah Bagg (Life Love and Me) will show ‘COLOUR - LINE - FORM’ - a joint, uplifting collection of work focusing on the beauty of nature and surrounding architecture. Alongside them in gallery two ‘GLIMMER‘ will be Michele Payne’s first solo show of her latest abstract work that aims to give a glimpse of the sublime and joyful.

Drawing inspiration, particularly from the natural environment, Sarah will show her mixed media collection which has been influenced by living by the sea, as well as her beautiful, contemporary floral oil paintings. These original works are accompanied by a stunning collection of prints and cards. Sarah’s artwork incorporates her passion for colour and texture, having originally studied Textile Design and Surface Decoration at University. After many years away from her love of creativity, developing her life-coaching business, Life Love and Me, she started painting again five years ago when she returned to live in Hove. She has since opened her home annually for Brighton’s Artists Open House Hove trail, with last year being extra special, as Linescapes and six other artists joined her for a fantastic show.

Since setting up Linescapes in 2014 and informed by her background as an architect, Amalia aims to

tap into people’s emotional relationships with buildings. She specialises in highly-detailed, CAD portraits of

iconic buildings and landmarks in a range of architecture-inspired prints, cards and gifts, as well as bespoke

commissions. Architecture can evoke memories, a sense of belonging and relate to our sense of beauty,

that’s why Linescapes’ collections are constantly growing, with drawings of buildings that mean something

to people, whether it’s a cultural landmark, an architecturally significant structure or a bespoke house portrait.

Over the past few years, Michele has been making art to discover her own aesthetic, aside from her

career of over twenty-five years as a surface designer. Her work is a dive into colour, evoking imagined,

wished-for landscapes. Emotion-led, intuitive, using symbolism and mark-making that has personal meaning for the artist, the hope is that viewers find their own emotional responses to her art. This latest collection of work is an attempt to find a glimmer of joy, hope and meaning; a positive trigger for the mind, both for herself as the artist and for the viewer. With playful, colourful abstract paintings, these are experiments in colour, technique, pattern, light, texture and mark-making.

All three artists are creatively sparked by their surroundings in one way or another, each with their

own distinctive perspective. This will be a great opportunity to see their latest work and enjoy previous

collections too.


@colonnadehse /

Please get in touch if you need any further information. Images will be attached as high res .jpegs to my email.

It would be great to see you at our Private View at Colonnade House on Thursday 27th June 6-9pm.

Please RSVP to




47 Warwick Street Colour - Line - Form


BN11 3DH Gallery Two




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