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The Flamingo House proudly presents Jean-David Mouveau’s first UK exhibition.

The Flamingo House is delighted to announce our 7th Artist Jean-David Mouveau's first UK exhibition as part of the Artists Open House festival in Brighton.

Having recently won 1st prize for “International Contemporary Art” at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris, Jean-David's career has been catapulted into fame with exhibitions at Gaudi’s museum in Barcelona, Dali’s museum in Figueiras and upcoming shows in Milan, Amsterdam, Madrid, Geneva and Athens.

@jeandavidmouveau’s eye-catching colourful paintings are gaining rapid recognition and becoming collectable pieces throughout the world.

Tackling themes such as climate change and lock-down with his paintings “le réchauffement climatique" and “le confinement", Mouveau is turning heads in the Art world with frequent news articles and TV interviews.

His critically acclaimed painting "Le Confinement” also scooped Best Painting of France under the Abstract amateur category in 2022.

Asked about his work, Mouveau reminisces about his grandmother who taught him: “if you can master the colours, you can master the emotions”.

Jean-David is passionate about his work and carries with him a proud lineage of painters.

Don’t miss your chance to purchase one of Mouveau's pieces of Art at an affordable price, a worthwhile investment.

Come and meet this internationally-acclaimed Artist at the Flamingo House on 6th, 7th and 8th May 2023.

“Nébuleuses de couleurs” by Jean-David Mouveau 2023 - 129 x 97cm €4000 / £3,500 (mixed media + Indian ink

“Electricity” by Jean-David Mouveau 2023 - 129 x 97cm €4000 / £3,500 (mixed media + Indian ink)

Free entry

The flamingo house & studio

Garden entrance

14a wilbury road

Hove BN33JN

Open from 11am-6pm every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Mondays from 6-29th May 2023


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