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Flat 1, 11 Kings Gardens

11 Kings Gardens, Brighton and Hove, Hove, UK

Flat 1, 11 Kings Gardens

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Flat 1, 11 Kings Gardens

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Flat 1, 11 Kings Gardens

Katherine Pout draws inspiration from nature, particularly birds, plants and life under the ocean. Excited by intricate texture, she uses bold colours and abstraction to produce artwork with an uplifting and playful message.

Fractal patterns and repetition play a big part in her work. Also a marathon runner, her work is designed to create a sense of dynamism and high energy. The tactile surfaces invite the eye in to have fun.

Precision cutting is Pout’s signature style.

We are opening our venue on :
NEW, Card Payment Facility
4th, 5th May ( Sat & Sun)
11th,12th May (Sat & Sun)
25th,26th May (Sat & Sun)
Flat 1, 11 Kings Gardens
18th,19th May (Sat & Sun)
6th May (Bank Holiday Monday)
27th May (Bank Holiday Monday)
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